Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labour Day!

Well, it's September 1st and although it's shaping up to be a nice weather day here, fall is definitely in the air, and thoughts turn to children returning to school. We have 3 of 4 returning to school this fall: 1 starting Dental Hygiene, 1 starting Gr. 12, and our youngest starting Gr. 9.

Do you remember your anxiety and excitement starting Secondary School? I sure do...a whole new chapter of life starts, everything is possible!

Fall also brings thoughts of the Harvest and the bounty that comes from local gardens. I'm trying to buy much more produce that's grown locally, to reduce our ecological "foodprint"...also reusable bags for groceries, get rid of the plastic!

Now that I'm bringing my own bags for groceries, I'm looking for more ways to reduce the packaging that comes home with me.

There are lots of Etsy sellers making reusable, lightweight bags for carrying produce...great idea to eliminate those little plastic bags that hang in the produce section.

Here's a Canadian seller, ficklefaerie, who has great mesh bags with drawstrings. Mesh so the cashier can see what's inside, and lightweight so it doesn't add to the cost.
Are there other ways you can come up with to reduce the non-recyclable packaging that plagues us? I'd be happy to post these good ideas, with a link to your shop, here on my blog!


JM said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!Your jewelry is beautiful!!

High On Craft said...

I have been looking for a way to stop using those plastic produce bags! Just placed an order with the ficklefaerie! Thanks Gillian!

UxCritter said...

Hi Gillian, Super Sept Post you blogged here today. I also blogged about the 3R's awhile ago on my blog. A very important subject to me.

Now my only dilemma, though it shouldn't be too bad really since I don't have too much end garbage, is that I don't have the garbage bags I once did when I shopped without the reuseable grocery bags. We always had plenty of plastic shopping bags around to use in our small garbage bins and for carrying things in. Now we don't bring home the plastic ones and we miss them a bit, but we will adjust.

jennifer said...

excellent blog feature, gillian, and what a super idea with the mesh bags for produce.

your blog is beautiful to look at and interesting to read. glad you decided to do one.