Sunday, November 2, 2008

Football Birthday Cake

Well, today was my husband's birthday and since he loves football (North American) so much I decided to bake him a cake in honour of his favourite sport!
I had to get a picture of it before it got devoured....interesting to cut it into pieces too!
We had a lot of fun!


Pegg said...

What a great cake!! It looks like it was a big job to make but you did a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing Gillian!!

jewelzodonnell said...

Awesome looking Cake!!

adornyourself said...

Gillian, remember in the 60's people used to save their wedding cakes in the china cupboard, well that's a saver!!

You did a great job!
would have been hard to cutunless you had a few glasses of wine!

UxCritter said...

What a BEAUTY of a cake! Always great to see what LOVE can do! A true labour of love. I'll bet it was a yummy cake too! Happy Bday Gillians husband!