Monday, November 10, 2008

My New Favourite!!! Lampwork Bead Pens!!

I have to admit....ever since Grade 3 when I "graduated" to using ink instead of pencils, I've always had a thing for pens!

Being left-handed, I learned early on that fountain pens left me with ink all over the side of my hand (pushing, not pulling), but that didn't stop me...I just had a black hand often, LOL.

There's nothing like the haft of a nicely balanced, weighted pen! Thick enough so your fingers don't cramp up, with smoothly flowing ink...I prefer black.

Well, imagine how thrilled I was when I found that I could combine two loves!!! Lampworking AND great pens!!!!

I spent the weekend making them...check these out. Being a tactile person, I love the feel of the smooth, cool glass on the pen, and if I loosen the cap a bit, I can get them to spin, like counters on an abacus!!


Dre said...

wow! so cool!
beautiful pens

jewelzodonnell said...

Ohhhhh those are gorgeous!!

High On Craft said...

Oh wow!! Those are really gorgeous!