Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My First Double Width Cloth

I have such a large stash of yarn (yes, this picture is not a yarn store...just mine) that it will take me a couple of lifetimes to get through it all!

Weaving is a great way to use up stash...and I'm making my first "yardage" out of Wollmeise Lace-Garn.

This setup allows me to weave cloth which is double the width you see above. There is a fold on the left side and two layers on the right side.

I have ~29" woven so far. It will wind up being a serape poncho with fringed ends. Making sure that the bottom layer has no errors has been the biggest challenge so far...the yarn is a bit sticky and on my 4-shaft loom it's difficult to get a clean shed when it's an unbalanced draft.

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